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Wired Connectivity

Once upon a time... a local area network only served to connect a limited number of computers to the server, and this only for particular departments.

Nowadays the network affects the entire enterprise, and has to respond to severe criteria (mission critical) imposed by:

  • Popularization of computers and the need for an encompassing integration.
  • Phenomenons such as virtualization, SAN and cloud computing
  • The new rules of the game concerning energy, CO2 and ecological footprint.

Bausch Networking is your partner with professional products and services.

Wireless Connectivity

Information rules the world today.

Enterprise, government nor education can escape from the exponentially growing demand for information and an immediate availability.

I want it all, and I want it now... sang Freddy Mercury some 20 years ago.

I want it everywhere more and more became the device of today.

A wired network can't do the job anymore, a well designed and elaborated wireless network can.

Bausch Networking is your professional and legacy datacom-partner with its long experience and presence in the market.

Service & Support

Distribution-as-a-Service (DaaS)

A product can be distributed, a solution however needs A-level services such as:

  • Well designed and optimal integrated turnkey projects.
  • Preliminary wireless site survey, spectrum analysis and as-built reporting.
  • Maintenance of wired and wireless networks and data links.
  • Remote Monitoring and Management of your wired and wireless networks with all its components.

Bausch Networking and you: we're on the same wavelength!